Frequently Asked Questions

How much water do I lose on a leaky toilet or drippy faucet?

The average loss is 50 to 100 gallons a day. This will increase your water bill, and if you have a septic system, a leak of this volume could cause a system failure.

What could be contributing to high water bills besides a leaking faucet or pipes?

A leading cause in high water bills is a leak in the toilet tank, this typically result from worn parts or improper ailignment of some part of the flushing mechanism. It is very important to stop the leak! Stop the leak and stop the expensive water bill from hitting you every month.

What affects water pressure?

Low water pressure may be caused by many problems. There are many considerations. Do you have enough pressure at your water main to begin with? Or, it may be a flow or water volume problem, an elongated or undersized water line, or a restriction in the water line. The water pressure gauge should read a steady 35 PSI, or slightly above. Call for additional information and assistance.